Same-sex marriage. History

Same-sex marriage — let’s talk about facts and history.

Back in 1989, Denmark became the only country in the European Union, and throughout the world, where same-sex unions were officially recognized.

Then these unions were called «registered partnerships.»

There were certain restrictions — one of the partners had to have citizenship of this country.

Today, same-sex marriages for non-EU residents can also be registered here, in Denmark.

same-sex marriage

For same-sex partners, it was very difficult to officially register their relationship.

Already in the spring of 2012, the registration of same-sex marriage in Denmark was legally permitted.

Now, non-residents of this country can officially register their relationship. To date, the list of countries where gay marriage is allowed has been expanded.

Same sex marriage countries

In 2020, same-sex marriage is permitted in 29 countries. Read more about same-sex LGBT marriages on Wikipedia.

These are such countries: Denmark, Portugal, Iceland, etc.

Also popular with same-sex couples is the civil partnership registration service. Such a union is equivalent to official marriage, but there are differences. A couple who has registered a civil partnership does not have a couple to adopt children. We help same-sex couples register a civil partnership in Cyprus. If you dream of a quick and most romantic wedding on the sea, contact us, we will organize your wedding in Cyprus in the best possible way.

However, registering same-sex marriage in Denmark remains the easiest, fastest, and cheapest option for a gay wedding.

Consider common questions and answers to them:

Quick same sex marriage in Denmark


Write us an SMS or an email, see Contacts.

Submission of documents occurs online. Read in detail about what documents for marriage in Denmark in our article.

After checking the documents we send to Denmark, the answer from Denmark usually comes within 1-4 weeks.

Same sex legalisation after wedding in Denmark. Apostille, Urgent Apostille

The Apostille of a Danish marriage certificate is an important step that must not be overlooked. Since this seal is highly likely to be needed by your couple for the process of family reunion after marriage in Denmark. Read what Apostille is by reference.

We will put an apostille on your Danish marriage certificate.

There are 2 options for apostille: Standard and Urgent.

For those couples who have time to wait for 3 weeks, the Standard Apostille is suitable (get BDS with an apostille in 10-15 working days, or 3 weeks, the cost of Standard Apostille is included in the wedding packages).

If your Schengen visa ends, order an Urgent Apostille. (surcharge of 300 euros, availability in 3-5 business days).

The waiting period for apostil registration of the Standard may increase for reasons beyond our control (depends on the Danish Ministry of Justice). Therefore, if you need an apostille in a short time, order an Urgent Apostille, and you are guaranteed to receive your apostille within 4 working days.

same-sex marriage

What difficulties await our couple in the process of preparing for a Danish marriage?

same-sex marriage

Surprisingly, there are no difficulties. After obtaining permission for marriage in Denmark, you need to choose a package of wedding services («Standard», «All Inclusive», «Luxury Wedding Package»).

We give detailed instructions for all our customers, to every client we send a travel plan to Denmark. We organize your trip so that you are comfortable and comfortable on such an important day.

All-inclusive and Luxury Wedding packages suggest that customers are fully provided to each other, and we resolve all issues, taking into account your wishes.

How long does it take to be in Denmark for a wedding?

We work with several registry offices located in communes near the German border. We also work with the registry office of Copenhagen. Our managers will advise the best option for your couple.

For example, if an international couple and newlyweds live in different countries and even on different continents, it is more convenient for them to buy tickets and go to get married in Copenhagen. It requires 1 overnight stay.

Or you can choose marriage in Denmark in 1 day (without spending the night). To do this, you need to come to Hamburg and order our All Inclusive package of services — our driver in a comfortable car will pick you up from the hotel / airport / train station, take you to Denmark, you will get married, and will return in the evening in Hamburg.

Contact our manager to discuss the details:

Do I need to take witnesses with me?

You don’t have to worry about anything. We solve all organizational issues on our own.

Taking witnesses to the ceremony is optional. The registry office provides its witnesses. And at opendoor weddings in Denmark, our employees will be witnesses.

All that is needed is to warn in advance about your wishes, the number of guests, the script of the celebration. We have experience organizing modest ceremonies when lovers came to the registry office in jeans. We also organized luxurious weddings with a large number of guests, limousine rental, wedding cake and an extensive holiday program.

Wedding photographer (wedding hairdresser, florist) in Denmark

Usually we bring to Denmark «our» wedding hairdresser and photographer. We also contact local «wedding» specialists in Denmark.

Contact us, we will choose the best option for you.

Is it possible to arrange a romantic surprise for a newly-made spouse?

Yes, we have experience organizing romantic surprises for lovers. Or inform about the desired surprise in advance. If you have not decided yet, we will help you make a script and organize a romantic surprise gift.


Contact Hamburgtours has extensive experience in organizing  same-sex marriage.

It does not matter whether you choose a standard wedding ceremony in the registry office on the «wedding» island of Aeroe, or a wedding in Copenhagen, or an exit wedding (beach wedding and in the Danish castle), we will organize the most romantic celebration for your couple. And also we will do all the work with documents in the best possible way.

Book your wedding right now. 

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