Marriage in Denmark

«Marriage in Denmark» this request is popular and relevant in 2021/2022. It so happened that a lot of conflicting information has developed around Danish weddings.

We have been engaged in marriage in Denmark for more than 10 years, we are on a direct dedicated telephone line with the Danish Family Court, the state organization of Denmark, which issues a marriage permit. Therefore, information on the topic on our website is the most relevant and true.

Let’s start with the most popular questions:

Marriage in denmark

How to get married in Denmark?

  • Check out what documents are needed. Read in detail in the article  Marriage in Denmark documents.
  • How much does marriage cost in Denmark? Choose the package of services that suits you here: Prices.
  • Contact our managers, get a free consultation: Contacts.
  • Send scanned copies or high-quality photos of documents to your manager by email.
  • Pay the advance and Danish duty. Send the payment receipts to the manager.
  • Select the desired wedding date: Transfers to Denmark.
  • Receive permission to marry in Denmark, pay our royalties and
    get a detailed travel plan to Denmark
  • Travel to Denmark for your own wedding.
  • Leave a review about our service in our Google Maps account.

Wedding planner Denmark

Marriage in denmark

Our clients have the fastest deadlines for considering documents and appointing wedding dates, because we are responsible for our work.

You can choose the commune where to register your marriage in Denmark: you can get married in Copenhagen, or in communes that are located near the German-Danish border.

Contact our managers:

Let me introduce myself: my name is Yulia Babenko, I am wedding planner of weddings in Denmark.

I am the owner of Hamburgtours. Read reviews about our work in Google.

My company is located in Hamburg, Germany.

Our agency has been engaged in marriage in Denmark for more than 10 years. I myself got married in Denmark in 2007.

I have direct contact with the Danish Family Law Agency (this is a Danish state agency that issues marriage permits in Denmark).

Therefore, all the information on our website is relevant.

Marriage in Denmark for foreigners

Marriage in Denmark for foreigners is the perfect way to get married legally in the EU. Often we are contacted by couples where one partner has EU citizenship and his beloved has citizenship of another country.
To get married in other EU countries, such a couple needs to collect many different certificates, put apostilles on them, make certified translations with sworn translators. This process usually takes a lot of time and money.
In Denmark, it is beneficial to marry, because a marriage requires a minimum of documents and waiting time. Therefore, we recommend that foreigners choose marriage in Denmark!

Who can get marry in Denmark?

Marriage in denmark
Who can get marry in Denmark?

  • Persons over 18
  • Persons who are not currently legally married
  • Persons holding a passport that is valid for at least 3 months at the time of entry into Denmark
  • Passport has at least 2 blank pages
  • Passport no older than 10 years

Who can’t marry in Denmark:

  1. Persons with Duldung, Aufenthaltsgeststalltung status

To get marry in Denmark what documents i need?

Starting January 1, 2019, new requirements for documents for marriage in Denmark were introduced. These are the following documents:

  • EU passport / CIS passport with a valid Schengen visa or biometric passport
  • had a marriage in the past? you need a divorce certificate // court decision on divorce//death certificate. If the document was issued in the CIS country or in Latin America, etc., put the apostille on the original document and make a notarized translation into German or English.
  • documents for the signature of the couple. Follow the link to download and fill out the necessary documents for marriage
Marriage in denmark

Marriage in Denmark in 1 day is possible? How long does the procedure take from preparing documents to a wedding in Denmark

Marriage in denmark

Marriage in 1 day is possible.

We cooperate with several registry offices. You can also get married in Copenhagen. Registry offices are located near the German border. Some of them require newlyweds 1 night in the commune, in some you can come, register a marriage and immediately return home.

Contact us, we will select the appropriate option individually for your couple.

Getting married in Denmark costs

We have compiled 3 packages of wedding services, where we took into account all the important needs of our customers.

  • Standart
  • All Inclusive
  • Luxury Wedding Package

We have no hidden surcharges.

We write about all expenses on our website and in the client agreement, which we necessarily conclude with all clients.

Marriage in denmark

Getting married in Denmark with tourist visa​

Getting married in Denmark with Schengen tourist visa is possible! The main requirement: the visa must be legal and at the time of filing the documents it should already be pasted into your passport.

Holders of biometric passports must independently monitor the legality of compliance with the rules of stay in the Schengen zone 90/180.

We help our clients with the solution of this issue.

Marriage in denmark

Do I need a birth certificate? Do I need a registration certificate?​

Marriage in denmark

There are many articles and videos on the Internet where they say that a marriage certificate in Denmark requires a birth certificate.  This information is outdated. 

Starting January 1, 2019, there is:

  • no birth certificate is needed.
  • certificate of registration not required.
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