Marriage in Denmark: what documents do i need? Who can get marry in Denmark

Marriage in Denmark: what documents do i need for marriage? Before asking this question, answer the question — can I register my marriage in Denmark or not?

So, who can marry in Denmark?

  • Persons over 18
  • Persons who are not currently legally married
  • Persons holding a passport that is valid for at least 3 months at the time of entry into Denmark
  • Passport has at least 2 blank pages
  • Passport no older than 10 years
marriage in denmark what documents i need

Who cannot marry in Denmark:

  • Persons with Duldung, Aufenthaltsgeststalltung status

Marry in Denmark, list of documents:

Submission of documents online - you do not need to go to Denmark personally. Send a scan of your documents to our emails.

Download documents to fill out from here:

Choose your language and download documents from the module below.

  • If your couple is bilingual, download documents in two languages.
  • Put your two signatures, take a photo or scan and send us an email.
  • Among each package of documents there is a detailed instruction in 3 languages on how to fill out documents.
  • There must be 6 signed documents from your couple. Their names: 11b, p13, Agreement (or DEU Vertrag), Power of Attorney (or DEU Vollmacht), Application Form — 2 copies (or DEU Fragebogen).

Apostille on Danish marriage certificate. Urgent Apostille

A stamp apostille is a seal, which means the international legalization of a document and the ability to use it in other countries.

Since a large part of our clients are foreigners, we recommend putting an apostille on your Danish marriage document.

The cost of an Apostille Standard (availability in 21 days) is 150 Euro.

If your visa ends, to expedite the family reunification process for your couple, we recommend that you choose Urgent Apostille.

The cost of the Urgent Apostille (ready in 3 days) — an additional 200 Euro.

marriage in denmark what documents i need
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