Getting married in Denmark: how much it's costs

Denmark wedding: 3 packages

Marriage in Denmark: how much it’s costs?

Read our detailed article. We offer 3 wedding packages in Denmark.

You pay the Danish fee of 220 Euro when submitting the documents. Its cost is not included in the price of service packages.



You are going to get married in Denmark on your own, in your own car

760 Euro
  • Document processing
  • Consulting 24/7
  • Permission to marry
  • Travel plan to Denmark
  • Apostille not included. Can be ordered, surcharge 200 Euro

All inclusive

Transfer from Hamburg and back, you will be accompanied by our employee

from 1500 Euro
  • Document processing
  • Consulting 24/7
  • Permission to marry
  • Apostille Standard
  • Transfer from Hamburg and back
  • Interpreter at the ceremony
  • Tickets


Individually organized exclusive celebration for two

from 3500 Euro
  • Document processing
  • Consulting 24/7
  • Permission to marry
  • Apostille Standard
  • Transfer from Hamburg and back
  • Hotel room (optional)
  • Interpreter at the ceremony
  • The wedding cake for two
  • Wedding photo session
  • Wedding hairstyle and make-up

SOS service

You applied for marriage in Denmark on your own and did not receive a response from the Danish registry office

420 Euro
  • We'll find out the reason
  • We will solve your problem
  • Get permission to marry your couple
  • Detailed travel plan to Denmark
  • Additional services upon request

Get married urgently

Is your visa expiring and you need to get married urgently? We will help. Surcharge

200 Euro

Change the date of the wedding and change the registry office is possible

Change your wedding date. Change the registry office in which the marriage will be concluded is possible

100 Euro

Additionally you can order:

Outdoor wedding in Denmark

Beach wedding or castle wedding

300 Euro
  • Off-site wedding ceremony
  • The wedding cake
  • Champagne
  • Additional services on request
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How do you pay?

Payment is made in 2 stages.

You pay the first part of the cost of the selected package of wedding services when submitting documents, according to the Contract between your person and our agency Hamburgtours.

You pay the second part of the amount within working days after receiving a marriage permit in Denmark for your couple. After receiving the full amount of the agency fee, we will provide the client with a document «Permit for marriage in Denmark», a travel plan to Denmark and other information. This information is transmitted electronically and orally.


Get married in Denmark fast in 2021-2022


You can quickly marry in Denmark by signing a client agreement with our Hamburgtours agency.

You send all the necessary documents to our email. On the same day we send them to Denmark.

The Danish family agency reviews your documents within 5-14 working days. They then give your couple permission to marry in Denmark.

We contact the registry office and reserve the time of your marriage for the date you choose.

Then you go to Denmark to get married.
Thus, the whole process from filing documents to marriage can take a minimum of 5 days (provided that your documents are in order and all conditions are met correctly). On average, this period is 10 days.

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