Shopping tours in Hamburg

The German goods always were famous for the high quality.

And therefore it is not surprising that many tourists want to combine city tours with shopping and to get present things of «the European class».

Moreover, shop tours to Germany where judges of high-quality, beautiful and fashionable clothes and footwear come purposefully to do shopping became frequent also.

The paradox, but the prices in firm shops, for example, Hamburg often different (less) from similar shops in the same Moscow, London and Paris. And if to get to Northern Venice Germany in sales period, purchases can be made «almost for nothing».

How to orient in hundreds of shopping centers and shops, how it is correct to lay a route from one counter to another, to find things at the optimum prices and not to be sorry about disgracefully spent time and money?

Certainly, it is best of all to consult with those who knows it!

Hamburgtour offers full range of services which will help to make your shopping in Hamburg successful, pleasant and easy.

We have for this purpose all: knowledge, experience, experts!

Than employees of Hamburgtour can help you?

  • according to your prospective expenditure to choose shops of suitable price category
  • having received from you the preliminary list of desirable purchases, to make the optimum plan route for visit of shops
  • to provide the translator
  • to provide transport for moving around the city and beyond its limits
  • to help with getting tax back by Tax Free (for return of 19 % of cost of purchases)

And one more excellent service – consultation of the stylist.

Excellent taste and knowledge of the newest directions of a fashion, high professionalism, fine possession of German, personal charm - here that distinguishes our stylist-adviser.

With it you can be sure that each your purchase will be always spezial for you

Attention! The main periods of sales in Hamburg are two times a year: