Wedding in Denmark via Hamburgtours Agency

Even a small quiet wedding ceremony is first of all happiness and wish to remember forever this day and the feeling of something important and happy.

The workers of the Hamburgtours agency of Yuliya Babenko will organize with a great pleasure not only the registration of your marriage in Denmark, but also the greatest wedding ceremony.


The marriage in Denmark on the island Aero is a romantic ceremony. Because this island is considered to be the most beautiful island of the Funen archipelago.

The old squares with stone-block pavements and flowers, nice little houses. The seacoast and numerous yachts along pier… The field of golden wheat with snow-white windmills and the bright-blue sky.

As well as the registration of marriage in Denmark, we are offering to improve your holiday by the wedding services and accessories for a beautiful full wedding ceremony.

So, we are offering:


  • Outdoor wedding ceremony at the seaside
  • Romantic wedding ceremony in the ancient castle Bride`s bouquet to your taste
  • Restaurant decoration by natural flowers Hotel reservation to your taste
  • Wedding head-dress, hairdresser’s services, wedding cake to order
  • Beautiful photoshoot with the professional photographer
  • Your wedding video Wedding limousine



A romantic wedding bouquet is an integral part of every wedding. You can choose your favorite flowers for your bouquet. A professional flower arranger makes a delicate floral composition…Also it is possible to decorate a restaurant with the natural flowers.

On the island there are some hotels to every taste. They can be distinct in the comfort and price level. We will help you to do your choice and to order the hotel you prefer.

Every bride and bridegroom want to look perfectly on the wedding day as well. Order your wedding by us and we will perform to you a hairdresser.

As well as a dress, even if it`s not a wedding dress just an evening dress, a wedding bouquet, a head-dress and a make-up, an integral wedding attribute is a wedding cake. Our confectioners will take to consideration all your wishes, tastes because every couple may have her secrets, which can be performed in the form of different symbols on the wedding cake. Cakes, cupcakes, muffins or karavays to every taste and price. Quality guaranteed!

tl_files/hamburg/april16/A3lHdwpzQzo.jpg tl_files/hamburg/april16/0RBBywblypU.jpg

Almost every wedding ceremony needs photo shoot…Especially on the island Love.There are many romantic places here. A beautiful happy bridal pair in the background of these views. Order a wedding photo shoot and the memory of your wedding will remain as the bright beautiful photos. If you want to make a video, it`s easy to implement with the help of our photographer.


You can order every our service separately or all services together, or you can offer your own variant of your wedding ceremony. We will discuss it and if it`s possible we will realize it. Be happy on your wedding day!