The wedding ceremony on the coast of the island

wedding on the beach in Denmark

 I propose you to imagine a little. You close your eyes and take a breath of the salty sea air, the northern seacoast is around you, you can hear breaking waves, sea gulls are flying round and round…Your beloved and good-looking person is standing near you, the wedding bouquet matches well to the dress…


 You are going on the red carpet to the imaginary Lord`s table, going through the arch. Now you will surely have strong love and welfare according to the wedding sign…The wind plays with organza and satin ribbons embracing the arch…After a short speech of the marriage officer you say a sacred “Yeas”, change your wedding rings, your close friends congratulate you or only seagulls can be your best friend, it doesn`t matter.


 A sip of sweet wine and you are wedded husband and wife! Have you imagined? Do you wish to register your marriage in Denmark on the northern seacoast? Call and reserve your wedding date right now! Preparation of documents takes as a rule few working days. A flash-marriage is possible in Denmark for 24 hours.


Make a romantic holiday from your wedding, which you will remember forever.

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