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Far back in 1989 Denmark became the one land in the whole world, where same-sex marriages were officially acknowledged. Same-sex marriage at that time were called “registered partnerships”. There were certain restrictions – one of the partners had to be a resident of this state. There were big problems for the same-sex partners to register officially a marriage.

In 2012 the registration of same-sex marriages was allowed by law in Denmark. Nowadays non-residents of this country can officially register their relations. Currently the list of countries, where gay marriages are allowed, is extanded. Somewhere it is easier, somewhere it is more complicated to get married. But the registration of same-sax marriages is easier and cheaper to make in Denmark. And it takes little time. The same-sex marriage is no different then heterosexual marriage. The marriage procedure is the same. Let`s consider the most specific matters and answers.

tl_files/hamburg/vitgets/groom-and-groom.jpegRead the article about a single-sex marriage in Wikipedia.
tl_files/hamburg/vitgets/bride-and-bride.jpegRead the article "What was the first country to legalize gay marriage?" In the Washington Post.


What should you start with?

Send us an e-mail (EMAIL: or call us on+49 17 678 56 6364 (also viber & Whatsapp).

Then you scan your pass, fill up a form and send us all documents. Settle the requested wedding date with your partner. After the check the documents are sent to Denmark . The answer form Denmark comes during the day.


What documents do you need?

It`s better to say what document do you need? From the 1st april 2016 the legislation of a marriage with one document only – a pass - was adopted. The non-residents of the EU present a foreign passport with the valid Schengen visa. The citizens, who were earlier married, should present a copy of the divorce certificate.


What difficulties can we meet during the preparations to the Danish marriage?

Surprisingly there are no difficulties. You need just to choose a service package(“Standard”, “All inclusive”, “Lux”). We give detailed instructions for all our clients. The service packages “All inclusive” and “Lux” suppose that the clients take care of each other and we deal with all subjects considering all your wishes.


Is there an urgent gay-marriage?

Yes, there is. We understand the there are situations when you need to get married very fast. The service “snap-marriage” is a registration within 2 hours. If all documents are in order, you`ll get married in 24 hours after the document feeding.


How much time should you stay in Denmark before a wedding?

To get married you schould present your original passport. That`s why we come to the commune in one day on the eve of a wedding, we present all originals documents in the Civil Registry Office and on the next day you marriage is registered. One night only it is the most minimal period for staying in the Danish commune according to the local legislation.

Should you take your bestmen and what should you do with the guests?

You shouldn`t take care of anything. We deal with all organizational issus. All you need is to say in advance about your wishes, number of guests and wedding programm. We have the experience of the wedding ceremonies, when the lovers came to the Civil Registry Office in jeans only. And also we arranged big weddings with lots of guests, limo lease, with wedding cake and extanded wedding programm.


Where do you find a wedding hair dresser, a make-up artist, a shooter in Denmark for your wedding?

We offer services of a wedding hair dresser, a make-up artist and a shooter. You can choose: you will use the services of the Danish professionals or we will take the professionals from Hamburg. We cooperate with a talented shooter. His works you can see in the part “Wedding shooter”. Wedding shooting, video or slideshow according to your choice.

Can you make a romantic surprise for your newly-made husband or wife?

Yes, we have experience in surprise making for lovers. Or you can tell us about wishful surprise in advance. If you don’t know what surprise you want, we can help by organizing or choosing of a surprise.


How do you get an urgent apostille?

We deal with the apostille execution for all newly-weds. There is an opportunity to get an urgent apostille.



The firm Hamburgtours has a big experience in organisation of same-sex marriages. The weddings are carried out on the Danish island. Its architecture of the 18th-19th centuries is undisturbed. The wedding on the Areo island is a fairy tale that comes alive in the reality in the most important day of your life – a day of your wedding. With the great plesure we turn this fairy tale into reality. Order your wedding now!