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Marriage in Denmark

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Book transfer "all inclusive" - get a wedding without the stress and hassle.

Marriage in Denmark is an easy step to legalization in the EU!

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For marriage need only one document!


Marriage in Denmark, documents for registration

Marriage in Denmark Hamburgtours


 We are happy to offer you our help in organizing the best day of your life.

Wedding in Denmark is romantic, easy, legal (worldwide) way to be happy with your partner.

 It is not necessary to stay in Denmark for 3 day, only one night in a small, historical, romantic hotel, the next morning you will have the ceremony and you may go back by ferry.


 Please send us all your documents. All the originals you will have to show in the town hall yourself.


Documents which we will need from you:


  • Valid Passport,
  • visa if required (Schengen) or residence permit
  • Have you been married before? Then we will need: A divorce certificate from court or death certificate is needed.


NO: Certificate of your marital status 


  From Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan- also with apostil.

  Please don’t forget, that all the documents have to be translated into German, English or Danish.

 With us you can save hundreds of dollars by not need to apply for translation and legalization with Apostil as sometimes required by some town halls.

 NO: birth certificate needed!!!

 NO: 2 witnesses needed (only on Saturday)!!!!


Read the article"Prices & requirements"

Read the article"Schedule weddings for 2017"




 Apostil-120 euro

 URGENT Apostille on marriage certificate is paid in addition , the cost of 250 euros.

 Town halls in Denmark response very quick and it is possible to get the answer within 1 day. After the confirmation of your wedding date, we send you complete information: ferry booking number, all the addresses.



Don’t hesitate contacting us we will make this day happy!


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