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Get marry in Denmark 2019, documents for registration

Marriage in Denmark Hamburgtours


We are happy to offer you our help in organizing the best day of your life wedding day.

Marriage in Denmark is a simple romantic way to start a family with your loved one!

It is not necessary to stay in Denmark for 3 day, only one night in a small, historical, romantic hotel, the next morning you will have the ceremony and you may go back by ferry.

Attention! From 01/01/2019 marriage documents from all couples are authorized to consider the only state body, the main Danish registry office. Therefore, the list of documents for marriage, listed on our website is complete and the only true. We are constantly in touch with the registrar, about all changes learn first.

Please send us all your documents. All the originals you will have to show in the town hall yourself.


Documents which we will need from you:


  • Valid Passport
  • visa if required (Schengen) or residence permit
  • certificate of marital status (if the country of your citizenship is not part of the European Union, all documents need an apostil / or consular legalization and a notarized translation into German or English)
  • have you been married before? Then we will need: a divorce certificate from court or death certificate is needed(if the country of your citizenship is not part of the European Union, all documents need an apostil / or consular legalization and a notarized translation into German or English)

Please scan all the pages of your documents from the list above and send us an email: Contact.


 NO: birth certificate needed!!!

 NO: 2 witnesses needed !!!!



Read the article"Prices & requirements"



Apostil-150 euro.

URGENT Apostille on marriage certificate is paid in addition, the cost of 200 euros.

Since January 1, 2019, changes have occurred in Denmark. Now the main registry office deals with the verification of documents for marriage in Denmark, they make decisions and give permission to marry in Denmark if the documents of you and your partner match the criteria.Terms of consideration of documents in each case are individual and range from 5 to 15 working days. After the confirmation of your wedding date, we send you complete information: ferry booking number, all the addresses.

Sign the 5 documents for marriage in Denmark:

Download, print, take a pen and fill out these documents with your future spouse, read the detailed instructions below:


  1. Application form - fill out each copy of yours (in English or Russian, or German)
  2. Power of attorney \ Vollmacht- write each for yourself: name, phone number, address of registration, last name, signature, city, date
  3. P13 and b11- 2 last names, 2 signatures, date
  4. Contract - 2 last names, 2 signatures, date, city

Next step: pay the required fees

After you have collected and sent us the documents necessary for marriage in Denmark, you need to pay the Danish fee and advance payment for our work.



1)Pay 220 Euros to the Danish account and send a receipt (or a screenshot of the phone screen if you paid via online banking) to us:


  • IBAN: DK91 0216 4069 2170 60
  • purpose of payment: write here your 2 last names
  • Payment receiver: the Agency of Family Law
  • Payee Address: Storetorv 10, 6200, Aabenraa
  • 2)Pay 100 Euros to the account of our agency and similarly send a receipt for payment:

    Payment by bank transfer


    • Yuliya Babenko Hamburgtours

    • IBAN: DE45 2005 0550 1396 1351 60




     Instant payment using PayPal




    Don’t hesitate contacting us we will make this day happy!

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