Marriage in Denmark without agency

Marriage in Denmark Hamburgtours

«Marriage registration in Denmark without agency» is enough popular request in search systems.  We`ll talk about this problem.


So, you met a person whom you decided to start a family with. All seems to be excellent – get married and build a family.


But if you are citizens of different countries, you will meet red tape.


You overwied lot of information or you followed experience of your friends and found a solution of your problem – marriage in Denmark.

Finally you thought. And you have to look through lots of information connected with danish marriage that you never come in again.

Let`s start with the information that regional authorities of government of Denmark are endowed with powers. For this reason the document sets for a marriage distinguishes in the different communes.

Some offices demand less documents, others – more.

The lows of a certain commune regulates residence time for newly-weds and sometimes it takes few days. Some Civil Registry Offices demand your own best men, others provide their best men. Communication with the Civil Registry Offices can be hindered. They can give no answer on your e-mail long time or they can offer your unsuitable dates.

You have questions:

-To book a hotel now is not a problem. But how do you know that this hotel have all requirements for convenient staying?

-What is the fastest and cheapest way to a commune?

-And, of course, communication with a commune – sometimes you have to go to the commmune to straighten missunderstandings.


You may have some difficulties with the document set. For example, you lost a divorce certificate and you live in Germany. How do you get an original copy if you are a citizen of CIS countries? Or the word – apostille...


Do you have enough time, energy and money?   


You can do it yourself, of course.

Spend lot of time and prepare all documents, find a hotel, reserve a suitable wedding date, plan your route, find a flower shop, buy rings and wedding clothes.

A sacred day has come and you go to Denmark. Did you prepare everything? Didn`t you forget anything?

If you don`t change your mind, we wish you good luck in this challenge.


If you are ready to put yourself in hands of professionals, you came to the right place – to the agency Hamburgtous!

Our agency is in Hamburg.

Nevertheless we work with the residents of other cities of Germany and countries of the world. We have a huge experience in organitation of tours and travels.

One more branch of activities of Hamburgtours is tourism services.

What do you get contacting the agency Hamburgtours?

Each Civil Regestry Office demands diffirent documents. We choose the one conditions of which match you perfectly.

You choose a wedding and a commune that match to you. It can be a wedding on the beach on the island Areo or in the ald city hall in Ribe or in Kopenhagen – in the tourist gem capital of Denmark.

You can also get married in Tender, Rudkobing.

What do you think about a wedding in a castle?

You can choose a fast marriage registration in jeans or a great wedding ceremony in Denmark. 

You send fotos of your documents and you get the answer at once – do you need more documents or they are in order.

You choose a matching wedding date and if the Civil Reestry Office works on this day then they reserve it for you.

We cooperate straight to the Civil Registry Office where you need a minimal document set. Without a certificate of no impediment to marriage, a certificate of birth, of income, without best men!

You can choose the price that you are ready to spend without debts and credits. We developed packages of services with different price range. From minimal till maximal. There is an optimal package of services for optimal price. 

You can order transfer and accompaniment to a commune (by a comfortable bus). We work with the best photographers and hairstylists. You always can order their services additionally without searching it anywhere.  


We got valuable experience during last few years. Contact professionals!


Call, write to us: Contact.