Lüneburg - the Pearl of Northern Germany

From this perfectly preserved ancient trade city many tourist take a sack of salt as a souvenir. Salt City owes everyone! For more than 1000 years it was extracting here, and due to "white gold" prosperity of the city and its inhabitants was kept for many centuries.

Today there is a museum in one of the old mines. It tells about the salt production and refining.

City was never seriously destroyed within its more than thousand-year history! So on a relatively small area of the old town you can see a lot of interesting things.

You can see three gorgeous churches of the XIII-XIV centuries in the city. There is a famous 16th century organ in one of them. Music lovers come from all over the world to listen to it. There is a huge trade building Am Sande (on the sand) with ornate facades in brick Gothic style. Town Hall with 800 years of history, the picturesque old port with a wooden port crane, that at the end of it life cycle in the end of the 19th century managed even to lift a locomotive! At a small area near the water Stintmarkt, named "in honor" of a favorite smell of the small fish admired by the northerners today there is a popular place for a glass of beer where tourists enjoying the romantic views.

In the craftsmen district you will find yourself in the theatre atmosphere: the old houses stick closely to each other, the streets and yards, doors as if drawn are fabulous. There are old mills and breweries. Breweries in this small town by today's standards (around 70 000 inhabitants) it used to count about 70! In some of them seventeenth-century furnishings have been preserved, and guests can enjoy freshly brewed beer and the local cuisine.

Here the young Bach studied, and Heine visited his parents.

From the view area of the former water tower you can admire the entire town and the later constructions. Only half an hour drive from Hamburg and you will get unforgettable impressions!


Walking tour 6-7 hours (by train):

Group price: from 250 euro plus ticket

Car and excursion in English:

up to 2 people from € 400
of 3 or more persons: price negotiable