Lübeck –Hanseatic capital on the shore of the Baltic Sea

ust after a few decades after its foundation (1143), Lübeck had the fortress walls, streets and districts with homes, marinas, churches, City Government, municipal laws and soon became the Centre of the Hanseatic (shopping) and the free City Union.

Lübeck was traditionally built not of wood, but of bricks, so a lot from its original form has survived. This is the oldest construction of the city, built in the year 1283, and the world famous Holstentor Gate (the 15th century), their image was on the 50 German Mark note until the Euro introduction, and St. Mary Church (14th century) with the world's largest church organ. And what does the devil do near the temple? Learn about this city legend and take a photo holding the devil`s horns! Distinctive architectural ensemble of the City Hall with rich interior space will amaze you.

Unique Hospital of the Holy Spirit (13th century) – the world's first secular hospital that was a shelter for the poor, existed in the same capacity until the second half of the 20th century.

It is worth having a walk in the district where ordinary people live. Such cozy medieval courtyards and unique Ganga (passes), where few people can pass without stooping, cannot be found anywhere else!

Stunning views of the city is open from the observation deck of St Peter's Church - red roofs, spires of churches, green parks and water surrounding the old city!

Lübeck old city centre is the world heritage and is under UNESCO protection.


Did you know that even Napoleon appreciated Lübeck Bordeaux? How comes that this northern city, which does not grow grapes, produce its own wine? And the famous Lübeck marzipan? You should visit the Shop- Museum and enjoy this delicacy learning its story.

Thomas Mann and Günter Grass, Willy Brandt-many, are there any other cities that can boast of three Nobel Laureates?

Go to Lübeck! It has been advised to Pushkin by Turgenev ...


Price for a walking tour for a group:

1-5 people-from 230 euro

6-30-man from 290 euro