4-hour trip to the Ahrensburg Castle

We will visit the castle located in 30 kilometres drive from Hamburg in the town of Ahrensburg, which, by the way, has recently celebrated its sixtieth anniversary.

History of the settlement in the area goes far back to the Middle Ages. Peter Rantzau was the one who ordered to build the castle. And it took twenty six years to complete the construction. Also near the castle the houses for poor people, the school for village children, the mill and the church were built.

Thus blacksmiths, tailors and millers settled in the area.

The interesting thing is that the temple partially preserves the initial elements of the decoration, such as the altar table. Later, the Castle had a new owner. A new factory was built in 1865 together with Ahrensburg railway station.

There is a museum now, and every year thousands of tourists come to admire one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Northern Germany.


Shuttle service from Hamburg and the tour in English around the Castle

1-2 people - from 320 euro

2 and more- from 400 euro

You can get there by train (30 min from the Centre of Hamburg).

The price of the walking tour:

up to 10 people: from 230 EUR

of 10 and more: from 290 euro

Price does not include a train ticket to Ahrensburg.