3-hour trip to the Reinbek Castle

12 kilometres away from Hamburg there is an exceptionally beautiful castle - the Reinbek Castle

In the 16th century the Duke Adolf the First gave an order to clean the old pond, and to build a castle in the style of the Dutch Renaissance on its bank.

In the late 1970 's, the castle was restored. Now the elegant building situated near the water is open to the public, today there is a cultural centre.


Shuttle service from Hamburg and a tour around the Castle

1-2 people - from 330 euro

3 and more - from 420 euro

You can get there by train (30 min from the Centre of Hamburg).

The price for a walking the tour:

up to 10 persons: from 200 euro

of 10 and more: from 250 euro

Price does not include a train ticket to Reinbeck.