Hamburg - walking tour

Hamburg is a green metropolis on the water, the garden city. In 2010, the EU Commission called Hamburg the European green city. In Hamburg with a population of around 1.8 million people, situated on the confluence of the rivers Elbe and Alster, there are over 150 parks and gardens, the beautiful park of flowers and plants with sound-to-light fountain in one of the ponds in the heart of city.

In Hamburg there are more bridges than in Venice, London and Amsterdam together. Hamburg is the second largest port in Europe and the world's largest complex of port warehouses.

In Hamburg there is pretty much the most!

Walking around Hamburg we will see the beautiful building of the Town Hall, in which Parliament of Hamburg is located, Jungfernstieg "walking" romenade - a place for young ladies, picturesque Alster Lake in the heart of the city, we will come to the shore of the river Elbe, overlooking the great port, Michel is the way Hamburg citizens call the main Cathedral of the city with the largest German clocks, the old, hardly survived, and carefully restored houses that are samples of North German architecture of the late Middle Ages.

Hamburg is a city of contrasts.

Behind the port warehouses the new unique project is being developed – here the modern apartment houses, offices and retail areas of Hafen city are appearing, the unique Philharmonic Hall is being built.

Fans of romance can find a picturesque Blankenese stairs quarter (about 5 thousand steps!) – a former fishing village on the high Bank of the Elbe, which has evolved over time into millionaires and walkway along the comfortable villas on the banks of the Alster. You can also have a ship tour along the Elbe and Alster.

In the evening we offer you to admire the beautifully illuminated port and nightlife of the Reeperbahn district, known not only for "red lights", but also for the fact that half a century ago after a concert at the local discotheque five Liverpool guys "woke up famous"- yet unknown group the Beatles received the offer to record its first album.

Every evening in the Park of Flowers you can listen to and watch half an hour water-colour-musical extravaganza.

Walking excursions: the content depends on your preferences and interests, physical and other abilities, as well as consideration of the unpredictable Hamburg weather.


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