Hamburg Chocolate world

Chocolate makes people happy!

Germans knows that. They consume on average 91 bars of chocolate a year, what makes Germany the third country in the list of cocoa beans importers. The majority of cocoa beans are delivered at the port of Hamburg.

And exactly here the world of chocolate has been located since December 2011 - CHOCOVERSUM by HACHEZ.

What is prepared for visitors in the Hamburg Museum of chocolate?

CHOCOVERSUM visitors accompany the cocoa fruit in his fascinating journey (90-minutes): from breeding through to harvest, with trade up to the handle. The manufacturing steps are demonstrated in live in original machines which were used up to the 50-IES in HACHEZ Chocolade Manufaktur.

Many exhibits invite to sense and to smell. In culmination visitors themselves will prepare chocolate at "flavoured Atelier".


Our museum shows how chocolate is made in the traditional way. According to this principle, the Bremen HACHEZ is producing it today. Traditional enterprise is about all the working moments occurring under one roof: starting with cleaning and roasting cacao beans until the formation of the slabs of chocolate and packaging.

Group programs: 2013

1 Experience preparing chocolate in this program, participants will cook chocolate. Under the supervision of the Chief guests will prepare chocolate themselves.


Time: 90 min.

Price: 20 euro per person

The price includes: admission, 90-minute guide.


2 Little trips into the world of chocolate

Guests have an opportunity to see how cocoa is being grown and processed.

Time: 60 min.

Price: 18 euro per person

The price includes: admission, 60-minute guide.


Also there is a chocolate shop with a large selection of HACHEZ chocolate specialties. Every day, also on Sundays, open from 10 am till 6 pm.