green wedding in Denmark

The wedding is the most important and significant holidays in our life. The marriage is some kind of origin of a new family. You can get married in Denmark choosing a standard ceremony in the Civil Regestry Officer or ordering a romantic Green wedding in Denmark.

There is a tradition to give a certain name to each wedding anniversary: Calico, Bronze, Silver, Golden, Blessed wedding. The wedding day, so called a zero anniversary, itself is called a Green Wedding. We offer you to order a Green Wedding in Denmark.

The decoration style of a wedding is presented in green colour tones. The green colour symbolizes the beginning of new strong relationships like spring when the earth is coverd by the green carpet of new strong sprouts. Flowers and greenery symbolize an intention to create a strong family where love will increasingly rise and develop from year to year.

We offer our clients to organize a Green Wedding in Denmark. The wedding ceremony will be executed in the best traditions of outdoor weddings – a cosey terrace swimming in greenery, a wedding arch with tapes and flowers, a red carpet, a marriage banquet, a comfortable seating of the guests.

Also, to carry out a Green Wedding you need several steps:

Release of documents. You need a pass and an application form (if you didn`t get married earlier) only. The devorcees need to add a copy of the divorce certificate.

Transfer, hotel reservation, weddin bouquet and other wedding cares are included into the service package “All inclusive”. Order “All inclusive” and enjoy your holiday without cares.

If you wish you can order additionally: a wedding banquet, a wedding made-to-mesure cake, a limo, a romantic surprise. Additionaly: professional shooting, make-up, hair dresser.

All details of a wedding ceremony is discussed face-to-face. You can fulfill your wedding dream with the help of us!

Order a Green Wedding from Hamburgtours and let your love rise and develop throughout your life!


What kind of documents do you need? Reed:  Marriage in Denmark: Documents.