Advantages of traveling by ferry to Denmark

Advantages of traveling by ferry to Denmark.

Modern comfortable ferryboats allow traveling on the sea comfortably.

The way to the island Aero, where we are going to register marriages in Denmark, goes through the Baltic Sea. And one part of the way we are going on the ferryboat.

Someone is beware of traveling on the ferryboats. But today we are going to dispel this fear.

We prepaid all advantages of the travel to Denmark on the ferryboat.



  • The sea travel lasts 55min only.
  • You are not confined to your location.
  • You can choose a place or an activity for the travel time to your taste.
  • The travel on a big ferryboat is very romantic, because the island Aero is very beautiful island relating to the Funen archipelago.
  • The northern seas and islands have their own special “cold” beauty.
  • Healthful sea air. Sea sunsets and sunrises have fascinating views.
  • You shouldn`t worry about your baggage. It travels together with a car in the baggage section of a ferryboat.
  • If you are a disabled person, the ferryboats are equipped for the disabled persons very good.
  • During the travel, you will forget all inconveniences relating to the transportation on a ferryboat. Say “no” to the “sea sickness”.
  • No flight fear. A ferryboat is a perfect place for acquaintance and for easy conversations with the interesting people. To your Instagram many lively photos on a ferryboat will be added. Can your friends show this?


So, let`s go!