Bremen - the city of famous musicians

Sightseeing walking tour, 3 hours

Bremen is a city that is well known for us from children fairy tales. We will start our walk from the Town Hall.

Near the Town Hall there are nicely decorated wooden houses at the Bremen market square. They invite visitors to see the old handicrafts. The atmosphere of the medieval witchcraft, marine Christmas fair in the Weser brings everyone to the past.

In the twinkling lights and wooden torches grocers, blacksmiths and bone carvers are selling their goods. While musicians and magicians are performing, visitors can eat in taverns, tasting honey drink, fruit wine or even a love drink.

Hot Samba rhythms, interesting costumes, and creative masks: those for whom Brazil is too far are welcome in Bremen because here you can enjoy the wonders of Bremen samba carnival in February. Rhythm, dance and openness towards foreigners and, above all, a huge amount of pleasure in life are being the trump card here. There is tension and sensuality, sin and passion in the musical-theatre in Bremen. The stage near the train station that is one of the world`s cutting-edge musical theatres offers place for 1,400 spectators.



2.5 hour walking tours in English in Bremen:


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in a group of more than 4 people: from 290 euro



The trip by car from Hamburg to Bremen with a guided tour in English:


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in a group of more than 2 people: from 520 euro