Wedding surprise for your best half

I`m often asked to organize some surprise for a bride or a bridegroom or relatives of a couple ask me to do something unforgetable for them.

Shooting, cake, restourant with the traditional cuisine became already integral parts of wedding ceremonies oranizing by the agency Hamburgtours.

I always feel like offering something realy extraordinary, eternal!

We prepared special wedding services for our clients.

Portraites or musik. Individual execution.

So, you can choose to your taste:

1. Portrait made by a professional painter with oil paints at your request on the canvas 50 x 70 sm.

You send a photo and get a picture. Timing of order – about a month. Prise – from 200 euros.

2. Your portraits can be painted in any size with acryl. A standard portrait A4 with 2 faces costs 80 euros.

All other sizes we discuss and agree. Delivery to any point of the world for our expense.

Poduction time – 7 days from the date of order.

For fans of social networks there is a professional photo as a gift from photographer you to put it at once on the Web.

3. Order of a professional musical band (violin or violin + gitar) for your wedding ceremony in Denmark.

“Live” music during a weddin ceremony on the beach of the Baltic Sea or just in the Civil Regestry Office….

Exept of the traditional Wedding March musicians play melodies from the famous movies, classics – there is nothing better than music to create festive atmosphere. You will feel like a Queen in your wedding.

4. If you are relatives or friends of a couple, who wants to get married in Denmark, and you want to do a surprise for it, contact us and we`ll come up with something together.

We`ll be excited to see your happy faces on this remarkable day!

Call, write to us: Contact.