Every girl as a child dreams to become a beautiful princess, to wear a gorgeous wedding dress and to get married her prince. A wedding in the castle is an integral part of a childish dream.

Our dear princesses, have you already met your prince? Have you? Then you did right by choosing our agency Hamburgtours. We chose indeed that romantic castle in Denmark and we are already taking orders for carrying out of the field wedding ceremonies in the castle Soebygaard.

Wedding in Denmark can be romantic

Can you just imagine, what an impressive and romantic wedding will you have in the ancient castle! But don`t forget about the main thing, your little girl will be satisfied at heart that her childish dream has come true!

The history of the Danish palace

Now we have to say for the palace. Soebygaard was built round 1580 by the young Duke Hans. At first the magnifico used the building as a hunting lodge.

Then, the estate changed hands of the different owners who reigned on the island. The caslte remained all parts of the history of all famous owners. Around it there is a legend of the Soebygaard`s ghost so called “white lady”.

A deep foss with the beautiful folding bridge welcomes the guests. Every building is surrounded with the 5 meters rockery. From the backyard you will have wonderful views to the ruins of the medieval castles and also to the islands Mon and Füß.

The concert and museum halls of the castle are decorated with the pictures of a famous Danish woman artist Sven Hvstin-Mikelson. Nowedays, in Soebygaard the exhibitions of objects of art and history of the different countries are carried out.

The wedding ceremony in the palace. To be or not to be?

Today you have a wonderful chance to get married in this amazing place. You can additionally order a professional fotoshooting and a video recording to eternalize such a significant moment in the life of two people who decided to join in marriage their loving hearts in Denmark.

The marriage preparation is not complicated. You need a pass with the visa and an application form only. Then, we `ll wait for a positiv answer from the Civil Regestry Office in the next few days and finally the date of your marriage is settled. We beginn to prepair the ancient castle for the field ceremony and you buy the rings and prepair to your romantic wedding in every possible way.

Steps in the wedding 

The ceremony starts on the bridge. A newly married couple goes through the bridge towards the castle and comes inside. The marriage ceremony takes place in the ceremonial hall with a capacity of till 100 guests. Hier by the altar a registrator waits for the lovers to regiter a lowful matrimony. It can be just two of you. We can offer you our best men or you can invite lots of guests for the swell ceremony. Our services: Hairdresser Catering A romantic surprise for him/her

Instead of a conclusion

The wedding in the ancient castle of Denmark among cozy little houses on the homey island and beautiful natural landscapes – what else can you wish on the most exciting day of your life – day of your wedding!


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